About us

Thanksgiving 2015, I was looking through the black Friday ads, and I saw an ad for a sweatshirt on sale somewhere that said, "I Woke Up Awesome". I loved it! I started thinking about how much I wished there was one website I could go to and find really cute, graphic tees that said only positive things on them! I looked around on several different sites and found a few that sold one or two, but mostly I found shirts with statements (although clever) that advocated mediocrity, or sometimes, downright negativity.

I've studied in great depth, the power of words and the effect that words have on our beliefs, and our self image. If people really understood how powerful words are, especially when they are worn on their body, they would think twice about the kinds of graphic tees they are wearing! Again, I wished for a website with the kind of shirts I wanted (cute, great quality, with positive statements which would uplift the wearer, as well as the reader). So I decided to create one. And PositviTee's Designs was born.

This has been a labor of love for my sister Shannon and I. My two teenage daughters have been involved as well. The process has been incredibly fulfilling and gratifying. 

Our shirts are designed with a specific feeling in mind. Some are designed to encourage feelings of happiness, some power, some beauty etc. Every aspect of the design of the shirt has been deliberately put together from the color, cut, even the font, to create that overall feeling. 

Our goal is that you come away feeling you got more than you paid for. 

Tell your friends about us. Thank you for your support, and for joining us in our quest to spread positivitee! 

With love,

~Kim Heaton

Co-Founder/Owner PositiviTee's